Nanteos Archway
Nanteos Archway :                        Catalogue No.D01 This drawing ...[read more]
The Parthenon
The Parthenon :                               Catalogue No. D02 ...[read more]
The Doric Order
The Doric Order :                     Catalogue No.D03   Ti...[read more]
Memorial Shelter
A Memorial Shelter :                         Catalogue No.D04 ...[read more]
Weymouth Street Yard
Weymouth Street Yard :            Catalogue No.D05 ...[read more]
Walcot Reclamation
Walcot Reclamation :            Catalogue No.D06 ...[read more]
Ladymead House, Walcot
Ladymead House, Walcot :            Catalogue No.D07 ...[read more]
No.146 Walcot Street
No.146 Walcot Street :            Catalogue No.D08 ...[read more]

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